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Max Mitchell

Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada

Judgement-free financial counselling for any budget.

  • Eliminate your Debt

  • grow your cash

  • Accelerate your goals


 Everything they didn't teach you about $$$ in school

We all want to be smart with our money, but the reality is, personal finance is overwhelming. Is consolidating debt a good thing? What am I supposed to do with my TFSA? How do I break up with my bank? With so much uncertainty, it’s no wonder that when it comes to finances, we don’t-ask and don’t-tell. 


But that’s the problem:  Money issues are too easy to ignore… until they are impossible to avoid. 


Here’s the good news: I’m here to help make sense of the noise, and get you feeling confident and in control of your cash. No pressure, no shame, just easy, affordable advising designed for real people. 


"Max is an A+ Cash  whisperer"

"Max has been instrumental in improving my financial  situation. Since we connected, I've gone from 'If I have to think about budgeting I'll have a panic attack,' to 'my budget is my ally in the battle against bad habits.'


Max is an A+ cash whisperer, and helped me make the most of what I have without giving up everything that I enjoy.


If you are like me, and money stresses you out, and you wish it didn't, Max is your guy. He offers thoughtful solutions to the modern cash squeeze."

K. age 30

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Judgement-Free Coaching for any budget

You don’t need to be rich to care about your coin. Whether you’re freaked out about your credit card debt, ready to make your first investment, or saving for a trip to see Jushin Thunder Liger’s retirement match at Wrestle Kingdom 14 live at the Tokyo Dome even though your wife thinks you're crazy, I’m here to help. 


No shame, no judgement, just an honest, holistic assessment of your money situation and a solid, realistic plan to get you where you want to be. And of course, it's kept 100% confidential.  

Ready to get started? From a one-hour deep-dive to ongoing support, find the best option for your lifestyle and schedule below.


Single Session


Together, we’ll build a crystal-clear picture of where you’re at, set a plan for where you want to go and rap about strategies to get you there as quickly and easily as possible.


At the end of this first session, you'll know what you need to do, when you need to do it, and the exact amount you'll save, earn or collect if you follow through. 


This isn't theoretical. This is math.


Ya' rich now.

  • 1.5-hour advising session

  • Monthly cash flow assessment

  • Personalized budget

  • Customized action plan


At this time, I have a full roster of clients and am not able to service more. Sorry! 

3 sessions


Debt that needs to be crushed?


Down payment that needs to be saved?


Real change that needs to be made?




Over the course of three sessions, we'll get a holistic picture of your finances, establish tangible financial goals, and usher you into an empowered and confident financial headspace. In between sessions, I'll be at the ready to answer questions, provide guidance and keep you motivated. 

  • 3 x 1.5-hour advising sessions

  • Ongoing support

  • Monthly cash flow assessment

  • Personalized budget

  • Customized action plan


At this time, I have a full roster of clients and am not able to service more. Sorry! 

12 sessions


This is a lifestyle.

We'll meet at a monthly pace to keep you 100% accountable and on top of your goals.  

This is personal training for your wallet. A good choice for someone who knows absolutely nada about responsible money management and knows they need constant and dedicated support. 

If you're keen to commit to this package, reach out to me first.  Let's have a chat to make sure that this makes the most sense for what you need. 


At this time, I have a full roster of clients and am not able to service more. Sorry! 



"Max was so attentive but in no way judgmental and made the whole process of examining my finances an exciting prospect and not a punishing necessity.


He's really good at motivating the individual to look at their money and make real changes that will last their whole lives."



I'm expecting questions about my services, but if you want to talk pro-wrestling or dividend stocks, I won't be annoyed. 

You can message me directly via the little speech bubble thing in the lower corner of the screen. I'll answer back as quickly as I can.

You can also send me an email via the contact form below.  

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